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10 April 2006

A Few Words about France

Perhaps it is inappropriate to start a central European blog with a comment about France, but this mess certainly qualifiies as a topic worth discussing.

I was talking with a friend of mine about the protests in France, and the lack of job security for French students.  I empathize with the lack of job security, I explained, but I would be less concerned with job security if unemployment was less than 25%.  It seems like students should be protesting for the liberalization of labor law, rather than the status quo, which is clearly unacceptable.  When my friend noted that the issue was job security for those in their first jobs, I pointed out that making it easier to hire people increases employment, and job security assumes one has a job in the first place.  My friend protested that job security is essential; I pointed out that the best form of job security is showing up on time to work, doing a good job, and taking pride in your work. 

Looking at this situation, I'm starting to understand why Reagan fired all those air-traffic controllers.


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