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03 July 2008

Missile Defense in Central Europe

Wess Mitchell, writing for the indispensable CEPA, explains that construction of a missile shield in Central Europe is, regardless of the ideological argument, likely to continue. Regardless of the combination of US domestic policy as well as Polish and Czech hesitation, it remains one of the few trump cards (if not the only one) in the West's deck when dealing with the mullahs in Tehran.

His argument is certainly compelling; the only concern would be Senator Obama's recognition of the necessity of MD were he to become President. (It seems clear that Senator McCain supports the idea in its current form.) If Obama's dazzling rhetoric were to be employed in this campaign, it would present a bipartisan US front on this critical issue. Senator Obama seems to tentatively support nuclear missile defense; however, it is necessary to ensure that he would also be willing to actually fund NMD. If he is sincere, he should be able to mollify a Democratic Congress.


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