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05 August 2011

Blogging from Zeeland....

It's been beautiful here in Hoofdplaat, Netherlands. Your correspondent and his entourage have spent the last week here, enjoying the sights, drinking terrific Belgian beer, and eating lots of fish. But the world seems to keep moving. So briefly:
Required Reading:
This piece, from Andrew Stuttaford, is excellent.
Also from the Weekly Standard, this post is interesting. Some in the German media, such as ARD and Spiegel, are really working the "fundamentalist Christian" angle of the story -- bending over backwards to say "See? It's not just Islam! Christians are crazy too!"

Finally, in the Noah Webster department, here's a great feature on the Institute for the Czech Language, and its efforts to determine what's "really" Czech as the language increasingly imports English words, especially words dealing with technology and finance.

Mental activity should start to resume Tuesday or Wednesday, after Our Man in Brno is Actually in Brno.


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