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16 April 2007



The Czech Republic is the only country in the European Union which has not ratified the treaty agreeing to be subject to the International Criminal Court. The EU considers this court to be a bedrock principle of its foreign policy. It would have jurisdication over "war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity." This is a clear attempt to get around the idea of independent foreign policies of the member states of the EU. Already Belgian and German courts, which claim worldwide jurisdiction in such matters, have attempted to indict Americans such as Don Rumsfeld and General Wojdekowski, and the judges in the ICC have hinted at doing the same. Threats from the ICC would cripple Czech ability to conduct foreign policy without a go-ahead from Brussels (since it's the same people, believing the same orthodoxy in the Hague. ) The Czech government should be commended, rather than ashamed, for standing up for its own interests.


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