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23 June 2010


So after a scoreless 91 minutes, and a potentially devastating 0-0 draw between the Americans and Algeria, the USA scores in the second minute of extra time, sending them into the next round and winning Group C.

Here's the video of the goal. It was a true coast-to-coast team effort, with the US goalkeeper, Tim Howard, quickly heaving the ball back up to the midfielder, where eventual hero Donovan brings it up, dumps it off to the attacker who centers it perfectly. Dempsey bangs it off the Algerian goalkeeper, who blocks the shot but the rebound ends up, well, in the crease if you want to use a hockey expression, and Landon Donovan in the last minutes of extra time boots Jabulani in.

After being denied a goal for the second time in two games, this time due to a controversial off-sides call, the game was kept tight. The US had many chances, but just couldn't seem to get the ball to touch the back of the net, and Algeria played hard as well, (though not as well, especially after the first 10 minutes).

The pub was happy -- no Algerians or Slovenes were present.


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