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01 December 2009

News you can use....

...from mlb.com, of all places.
Turns out yet another has defected from the Workers' Paradise in Cuba. Apparently one of the best umpires in the game (who thus should know a thing or two about fairness and good judgment) has decided to come over the water to chase the American Dream. Maybe it's fitting that baseball, one of America's greatest symbols, is such a useful avenue to freedom itself.

Hat-tip to the Foreign Policy Initiative's overnight brief, where I got this info. If you haven't signed up for their overnight brief, a daily little compendium of everything important happening in the world, you should. Get over to www.foreignpolicy.org and get informed. It's a dangerous world, and not all of the news in your inbox will bring a smile to your face, but every once in a while, these little dispatches remind us that freedom still flickers.


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