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25 May 2012

Making History

This article may, quietly, be one of the most important stories of the year. 

Space exploration helps us to satisfy one of our most human needs: that of discovery. It's about time that we earthlings started doing it this way. All of the sudden, exit options have substantially increased, which must salve the conscience of Eduardo Saverin. No doubt that governments will continue to be active in the pursuit of space, and help us slip the surly bonds of earth. We may just do it for fun, or for money, or for kicks. But some will do it to touch the face of God. And doing it by private means will help it to happen even more.

It will still be many years before there this will be a daily occurrence. But someday, it will. And it will be because crazies like the guy at PayPal wanted to see it happen.

On to Mars! 


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